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                                                                                 Remarkable Guitar & Piano Lessons

Explore the delights of playing music with piano and guitar lessons from our school in Medford, New Jersey. With more than 33 years of musical experience, the staff at Medford School of Music are qualified to teach you all about the instruments you've always wanted to learn about through our music lessons. Contact our family-owned-and-operated business today to find out how you can start your lessons or for more information about our exciting musical concerts.
Piano, Piano Lessons in Medford, NJ

Piano Lessons
Tickle the ivories with piano lessons from Medford School of Music. You don't have to bring anything but yourself and the desire to learn how to play the piano to take our piano lessons. We accept any age for these piano lessons, as long as the person in question has the focus to pay attention to the lessons. Piano lessons are held once a week and last for a half hour.

Guitar Lessons
More and more people want to learn how to play the guitar, and Medford School of Music is their key to mastering it. We'll teach acoustic guitar lessons to just about any age and have rentals available for people who do not own their own guitar. Additionally, we have guitar picks available for sale for anyone who arrives without one handy. Guitar lessons are usually run about a half hour in length.

Music Concerts
Come out and enjoy 1 of our 10 yearly music concerts and see our students show off their newly acquired talents. These musical concerts are usually held once a month in the summer and twice a month in the winter in our own building with great equipment and acoustics. These concerts are similar to a block party or a street fair, with a very relaxed and laid-back attitude, where the kids and students can have fun and enjoy playing and listening to the music. Find us at LBDaniels on Wednesday evenings beginning at 6:30.  On Friday nights, Jim Riddle performs at LBDaniels from 5-8pm and Larry Ott can be heard playing his guitar on Saturday nights starting at 5:00pm. 

Contact us in Medford, New Jersey, at 609.975.8286 for more information about our piano and guitar lessons.